How to Clean and Detail an Engine without Water

How to clean your engine without water - youtube

There are a lot of reasons to want to clean your engine bay without water…

  1. You’re nervous that water could damage engine components.
  2. You’re off grid and you don’t have access to water easily.
  3. You’re located in a state, or geography, where the government regulates the amount of water you can use.
  4. You’re concerned that engine runoff could harm your local environment.

These are all very good reasons to want to detail your engine without the use of water. GUNK Engine Degreasers have been a staple for mechanics, professional detailers, and avid automotive enthusiasts for nearly 60 years! We’re right there with you and we know degreasing!

We’ve recently launched a new line of high performance degreasing and cleaning wipes that are specifically formulated to tackle what ever tough jobs you’ve got to throw at them. Our wipes are much larger than the other guys our there, our formula is designed for automotive use 1st, our package helps prevent getting dried out wipes (because that’s annoying!) and they’re dual sided – smooth or scrubby.

Right now, you can find these wipes at Walmart, Advance Auto, Auto Zone, Blain’s Farm and Fleet and more to come!

Learn more about our Degreasing Wipes Here.