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GUNK Hand Cleaning Wipes

Clean away dirt, oil, & grime without the need for water with GUNK Degreasing Wipes. These wipes are a waterless solutions for cleaning everything from your tools, shop surfaces, etc… but are safe for your hands. They are dual sided wipes, meaning that there is a scrubby side and a smooth side. Neither side will…

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What is the Best Cleaning Wipe?

See the new GUNK Wipes in action. How are they better than the competition? We think they’re the best cleaning and degreasing wipe because we’ve designed them to out perform other wipes in their class. GUNK Cleaning Wipes are… 1. They’re extra large size makes it easier for you to actually clean stuff. We hate…

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GUNK Engine Cleaner Review

Jeep Build Dale from Jeep Solid was kind enough to give our GUNK® Engine Degreaser in the Trigger Spray bottle a review on YouTube. Check it out and share your projects with us.

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GUNK® – Offering convenience without sacrificing in performance.

“Our customers need products that offer convenience without sacrificing performance,” said Marshal Livingstone, Blumenthal Brands integrated SVP/general manager. “Our new GUNK® Degreasing Wipes combine a larger size and double-sided surface with a no-rinse formula that allows them to clean tough oil and grease without having to use water. We are proud to offer the latest…

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GUNK Degreasing Wipes Review

YouTuber Derek of Vice Grip Garage let us know what he really thinks about the NEW GUNK Degreasing Wipes…. Learn more about GUNK Wipes at Follow Vice Grip Garage on YouTube at

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How to Clean Bug Guts and Bird Poo Off Your Car Easily

Get rid of bug guts and bird mess with ease with NEW GUNK Bug-N-Bird Wipes! CONVENIENT WIPE FOR BUG & BIRD WASTE Safely wipe away stuck-on bugs, tar, sap and bird droppings from all vehicle surfaces Dual-sided soft textured wipe No scratching, no rinsing, no residue, no haze on glass Leaves a clear non-stick surface…

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