See the new GUNK Wipes in action. How are they better than the competition? We think they're the best cleaning and degreasing wipe because we've designed them to out perform other wipes in their class.

GUNK Cleaning Wipes are...

1. They're extra large size makes it easier for you to actually clean stuff. We hate using those little wimpy wipes the other guys make.

2. They're actually wet when you open the can. We can't tell you how many wipes we've bought from other guys only to open them and the wipes be dry as a bone. We nixed the isopropyl alcohol from our formula so they stay moist.

3. They're dual sided - This means that they've got a textured side for scrubbing stuff and a smooth side for more delicate surfaces.

4. They're made by GUNK® and our products are built to be tough. They're built tough enough for the engine bay but safe enough to clean your hands.

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