Why should you clean your engine? Is cleaning my engine bay safe? Why should I clean my engine? These are all great questions that we get often online. Today's video is to give you our top 5 reasons for why to clean your engine bay.

Does a clean engine last longer? The bottomline that we want you to walk away with is that a clean engine runs cooler which will help it to last longer in the long run.

Top 5 Reasons to Clean your Engine!

  1. Clean Engine's Turn Heads
    • If you've got a vehicle with a sweet engine, then show it off! You'll make tons of new friends and be the envy of everyone if your engine looks the way it runs. Bad ass!
  2. Early Problem Detection
    • Any mechanic will tell you that a clean engine is tons easier to diagnose for leaks. It's easier to see where they start and you have a cleaning regiment in place that lets them know how long it's been leaking and how severe the problem is.
  3. Removes Spilled Fluids
    • Have you ever spilled oil or coolant on your engine? We'll it can stink when the engine gets hot or can even ruin some engine components. Cleaning your engine regularly will help prevent chemical buildup and remove any spills. We like to clean our engines after a routine oil change so we can clean up any messes from the maintenance.
  4. Increases Resell Value
    • Want to know how to get most for your trade in? Well, clean it! Clean the interior, exterior and under the hood. Whether you're doing a trade in or private sell, you'll get top dollar for your car if it's clean and the buyer knows you've taken good care of the vehicle while it was in your possession.
  5. Clean Engine's Run Cooler and Last Longer
    • You should always take car of the things you own if you want them to last. People are keeping their cars much longer today than they ever had in the past. Clean your engine so your car will run cooler and last longer.