So many of us are eagerly awaiting the first production electric truck. YouTuber, Simone Giertz, was tired of waiting on Elon Musk to release Tesla’s first pickup truck, so she built her own!

The Verge had this to say about Simone's project -

"The popular YouTuber and self-described “queen of shitty robots” transformed a Model 3 into an honest-to-god pickup truck, which she dubs “Truckla” — and naturally you can watch all the cutting and welding (and cursing) on her YouTube channel. There’s even a fake truck commercial to go along with it." -

So even though this "Truckla" isn't a real production vehicle, it's still pretty impressive! Think Blade Runner means cyber punk.

Giertz is not shy about her position on traditional gas powered cars. She had this to say when asked about why she bought electric.

“My goal is to never own a gas car,” Giertz said. “I’m a part of a new generation of drivers that will only drive electric. I feel like I should pad this a little bit, but I’m not going to. Fuck oil companies. Seriously, fuck them.”

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